14 October 2012

Vice-Presidential Debate Impressions

I call the debate a tie. Vice President Joe Biden is a good debater, but Representative Paul Ryan definitely held his own. Joe Biden seemed to find just about everything Ryan said funny. Some have been saying that it's a nervous tic, or just a way to be condescending. I agree with the latter. Many on the left do not debate ideas - perhaps they are unable to - they would rather mock them and belittle those who hold them. I was not surprised by Biden's antics, but wish Ryan would have called him out on them. Ryan was too polite, too deferential to Biden.

The economy is in the toilet, but only took 10 minutes worth of debate time. Why bother with discussion about a 16 trillion dollar debt or the death of Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid for those of us under 40? Do we really expect them to exist when we get old enough to need them?

The question about their personal beliefs about abortion was a waste of time. Who cares? Law of the land is Roe v. Wade, and even if that Supreme Court case were to be overturned, it does not make abortion illegal in the United States - let's repeat that - it does not make abortion illegal. It does kick the abortion question back to the states where it belongs. Each state would make their own decisions about the abortion rights. Don't worry, California and New York will always have abortion - and if you're really stressed about it - just come to Canada, where there are no - let's repeat that - no limits on abortion.

After the debate I caught a couple comments by others - A.B. Stoddard made a good point about the debate. It won't change anything, but it will make the Democrats feel better, especially after President Obama's pathetic attempt at the first presidential debate. I have to agree, no one expected much from this debate other than tuning in to see how Ryan was going to do and to see how far Biden was going to shove his foot down his throat.

Another comment I heard was from Chris Matthews - a "brilliant" political analyst. He said that people care more about abortion than about Benghazi. If this is true, then I'm scared. Four Americans, one of them an ambassador to Libya, were murdered in a terrorist attack on 9/11 in Benghazi, Libya. First, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came on television to condemn the supposed anti-Islam video that caused the riot that supposedly got out of control that killed those four men - then condemned the murders. But even that condemnation (if you can call it that) was weak - no anger, no passion - that Americans were murdered in cold blood. Never mind that there was no riot - and the fact that the administration took weeks to actually call it "terrorism", since that word doesn't readily exist in their vocabulary - that those in Benghazi asked for more security and didn't get any... the Middle East is quickly becoming a Muslim Brotherhood fraternity and the Obama administration has the audacity to proclaim that since they killed Osama Bin Ladin all is well with the world.

It's scary to think that anyone may actually believe that the world is a safer place to live in since Barack Obama took charge. The fact that four Americans were murdered with no serious repercussions proves to the world, and the Muslim terrorist world in particular, that we are weak - that our representatives can be attacked and murdered at will. And if our diplomats - who are supposed to have special immunity - are open to attack, what does that say for Americans traveling abroad?  The Obama administration's foreign policy has been a disaster, not just for the immediate future - but for the next generation or two.

Im looking forward to the next Presidential debate. I will say that the highlight of the last one was the question about the proper role of government. Obama babbled on about something, darned if I know what it was - and Mitt Romney clearly pointed to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Excellent.

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