10 November 2011

The Cain Question

The question - Did he or didn't he?

The answer - We don't know.

The upshot here is that all these sexual harassment allegations have taken Herman Cain off his game and off his message. I like Cain for a lot of reasons, while not fond of his national sales tax idea, he is a great example of how the American Dream really can come true.

It's time for Cain to bring out the National Restaurant Association's findings from their own internal investigations into the initial allegations to support his claims of innocence. While it won't fully answer all the women bringing complaints, it will certainly bolster Cain's side of the story - especially when some of these women have questionable characters.

This whole scandal has turned into a 'he said - she said' situation that is dragging Cain down. He needs to end this distraction as soon as possible and get his campaign back on track.


Anonymous said...

True, but Cain is handling thing absolutely terribly. It is the public's business about his character. The fact that he does not understand that is really sad. Mitt Romney should come out ahead this year.

Shira said...

You're right, he's doing a horrible job handling this. I think he does understand (and you're absolutely right that character matters) - but since he believes that he is innocent, he's just brushing it off and as a result he looks like he doesn't care. He needs to have the Nat'l Res. Assn. come out with their reports to verify what he's saying is true.

I'm curious, why Romney? thanks!

Anonymous said...

As far as character goes, I think Romney, of all the front runners is the best. He also has some great experience in Government. His foreign policy is solid and if I remember correctly turned down money from one of the Middle Eastern countries after 911.