08 September 2011

Post Debate Thoughts

I was a bit surprised as I watched the Republican debate last night. I had come to watch with certain expectations and was disappointed.

I was hoping that Rick Perry would blow me away, say something that would impress me. He didn't. I liked what he said about capital punishment in Texas but that was about it.

Rick Santorum, as a friend said, we forgot he was there.

I like Michele Bachmann but I like governors more.

Mitt Romney actually came out ahead of the debate. I don't think he's a real solid conservative on all issues, but on the other hand what we need now is a businessman. (That's why I also like Herman Cain). Romney's being concrete in his ideas and has put his plans out for all to see.

RomneyCare in Massachusetts bothers me, but on the other hand - that's the beauty of federalism. States have the right to experiment. Solutions do not have to come from the federal/national government. Every state is different, their needs are different from one another. It's up to each state to find what works best for them. It would be good for Romney to come out clearly and say this.

So we'll see what happens now. There's another debate September 22nd and I'm looking forward to it.

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