25 March 2011

Thoughts for the Weekend

Just a couple thoughts before the weekend -

Note to Jewish students on Campus -
Recently Israel Apartheid Week was celebrated on university campuses across Canada and the United States -
I am inspired by a guest on the Michael Coren show (I will have to track down his name) when he suggested a "Palestinian Brutality Week" in response. I think that this is a brilliant idea but it should not be done in response to Apartheid Week. It should be on a random week, done on our own terms. Certainly it would not be hard to fill the week - in fact, it could be "Palestinian Brutality Month". A good offense is the best defense, and while I myself was on campus, we went on the offense - and truthfully, we had a less trouble from the Arab students than before and after I was there.

* Have several "die-ins". The Arab groups love this. They have a bunch of people laying on the group like they were murdered by Israelis.
~ You could have bus die-ins. I think that there is an Israeli bus that was blown up that visits campuses, and there should be either people laying on the ground or pictures of the people with their ages scattered on the ground around the bus or on the bus itself.
~ You could have pizza parlor die-ins. Same idea. You'd need a centerpiece - perhaps a picture of Sbarro pizzaria - and scatter people or pictures around as well.

* Focus on violence on women and children. Have dolls and mannequins covered in fake blood (get that at the Halloween store) -men, women and children.
* Focus on violence against Christians and other minorities.
* Focus on violence against "collaborators"".

There's tons that can be done with this. Be creative. Be visual. Don't be afraid to tell the truth - certainly the Arabs aren't afraid to lie and create a false narrative of what is occurring in Israel.


The bus bombing the other day follows on the heels of over 70 rockets being shot into southern Israel. Schools had to shut down due to the number of incoming rockets. Civilians do not feel safe on buses, in their homes, places of work or schools. What country puts up with this kind of nonsense? The Fogel family massacred - two parents and three young children - what country puts up with this? Civilians murdered with impunity - what country puts up with this?


Israel does not value it's citizens. There's no cost for these terrorists to murder a Jew. A couple rockets into Gaza, apologizing when civilians are hit (Hamas targets civilians and there are no apologies), a group of undercover agents trying to track down the Fogel murderers - nonsense. There needs to be a clear cost to doing business - terrorists must know that it's not worth their while to kill us. They must know that there will be a price - to them, to their families, to the cities they come from. Collective punishment - it's not nice, but it works.

Imagine a Palestinian family massacred like the Fogels. What kind of response could one think of by the Arabs? It's a joke to even ask. There would be rioting in the streets in every country across Europe and the Arab Middle East. Netanyahu would be burned in effigy. The Third Intifada would begin in Israel. The United Nations would condemn Israel even more than they do now. Liberals everywhere would demand that their governments divest from Israel.

It's a joke to ask what would happen. We know what would happen without thinking all too hard about it. But when a Jew is murdered... don't worry, Jews don't make trouble and the Arabs are sure not scared of us. Our blood is cheap. It's time to up the price.


Have a good weekend everybody!

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