31 January 2010

Notable News

Thank-goodness Scott Brown, Republican, takes the "people's seat" of Massachusetts away from Democrats. Say good-bye to the health care bill.

Meanwhile, President Obama after 158 interviews and 411 speeches think that Americans still don't "get it". In other words, we're stupid.

Rather than worry about really important issues, Trijicon, a Michigan company supplying sights on U.S. military weapons was forced to remove references to Jesus by the Department of Defense.

And of course there's the report of Fort Hood - no mention of Islam or of the murderer Nidal Hasan. Why? Political correctness. Terrorists need not fear detection when broadcasting their intentions.

In the little noticed news is the hanging of Chemical Ali - who murdered 180,000 Kurds between 1987-1988.

On the flip side of justice being served we have three Navy Seals facing assault charges when bringing in a high-value terrorist known for murdering and burning the bodies of four Blackwater security guards.

On the funny side of life: Al Gore must have had a heart attack when he heard the good news. Osama bin Ladin has now endorsed the fight against climate change!!!

In the good news category we have Israel giving of itself disproportionally in relief efforts in Haiti - nothing new.

I'm including President Obama's State of the Union Address as well - but it's not really all that notable.

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Westfield Funding said...

Its not over yet. When the president is willing to break any rule, lie and manipulate, its not over until the miracle of him leaving office happens.
Aaron G, Michigan