28 October 2009

Technical Difficulties

In case anyone was concerned why I have not been writing, please put your mind at ease. I have not given up writing (G-d forbid) rather, I have been involved in the process of immigration. Yes, a very exciting topic indeed.

I have been working on something called permanent residency. I am from the United States, but have moved to Canada - our northern neighbor. Not because I am running away from the Obama government (altho' it really is good timing), but because I got married to a Canuck. Go figure :)

Permanent residency will allow me to work and function here as a "normal" person. Currently I am not allowed to work or that would violate the terms of me living here. So generally I've been spending my time writing - up till now. My application became due and I wasn't able to procrastinate any longer... and therefore I haven't been writing on anything other than the application forms.

But the long nightmare is over. The application has been sent to the government and we'll see what happens. I should be back writing my insightful pieces very soon (as soon as I can decide on what to write - so much to choose from!)

All the best to everyone!

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