09 December 2008

It's India's Fault

I picked up the Financial Times this past Thursday, December 4th and was reading through the paper when one of the articles headlines caught my eye, "Rice urges India to foil repeat attack". How funny is that? Does anybody think that India wanted these attacks to occur, or even want that massacre to happen again? The subtitles go on to say that "New Delhi blames Pakistan controllers" and "Concerns that some militants remain".

India has owned up to its own intelligence failures. That being said, Secretary of State Rice could better spend her time talking and putting pressure on neighboring Pakistan for not being more forthcoming when asked for help when tracking al-Queda members and other terrorists. Rather than "urging" the victim country to do more, it seems to make more sense to take a close look at the country from where the terrorists that perpetrated the horrific crimes came.

Is this United States policy? Is U.S. policy to blame the victim for the crime against him?

If we are unable to name correctly who is at fault for the murder of over 172 innocents, six of those being especially targeted (Jews) -we are all in trouble. This may be the case since the article uses the word "militants" - while Rice is quoted using the label "extremists".

We are at war. To be unsure of who our enemies are, or being unwilling to name them is dangerous. Allah Akbar was shouted at the Jewish Chabad House as the terrorists massacred those inside. To not be willing to name the terrorists as Muslims is dishonest to those who murdered in name of Islam and dishonest to those who were murdered.

We are at war, it's time to recognize that fact.

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