03 December 2007

Death to Israel!!!

Death to Israel! This must have been written by a deeply thinking person. A person who really understands and appreciates what it means to destroy a country. A person who feels deeply about murdering innocents. A person who is all for the murder of innocents.

This comment was posted on my article, “The Muslim Day Parade”. I love it. My article questioned the “parade” down the center of New York City. A parade celebrating a particular religion – the “religion of peace”. The religion that keeps condemning the West for their seeming intolerance of Muslims, while at the same time destroying Christian communities in Muslim countries around the world. Let’s not even discuss what they think about the Jews.

Muslims are a deeply sensitive group of people. They concern themselves every day, even every moment, with the possibilities of being insulted. They burn cars and riot at the drop of a hat (or a burka, I guess). They’ve even created organizations dedicated to these real and imagined insults.

The current situations in Saudi Arabia and the Sudan are two wonderful examples of Muslim sensitivities.

The first, taking place in Saudi Arabia is the case of a 19 year old woman, known as the Girl of Qatif. She was in a car alone with an old male schoolmate of hers. While she was in the car, she and her friend were attacked by a group of men. Seven men gang raped her, and three raped her male friend (what?!).

This case went to trial in front of three male judges. They found her guilty of being alone in a car with a man. She and her friend are each due to have 90 lashes laid on them. It seems that the men who had confessed originally to the rapes, have recanted their stories. Now, the judges have no choice but to condemn the Girl of Qatif and her friend.

Next is the situation in Sudan. Gillian Gibbons, a British teacher was arrested after she allowed her class of seven-year-olds to name the class teddy bear “Muhammed”. She was charged with insulting religion and inciting hatred. She has been held up until today by police, with mobs of people (men) rallying outside for her death for the insult toward the “prophet” Muhammed.

Thankfully, today news has come that she will be released into British custody. I’m sure that she is grateful that Islamic Sharia Law was not put into full force like in Saudia Arabia, and that she had the British government to back her up. In this case, unlike in the Girl of Qatif case, “justice” of some sort was done. Gibbons is lucky to leave Sudan with her life and the skin on her back attached.

As insane as these cases are, they are only a small sampling of what is the travesty of Islamic Sharia Law. Let the West not think that it is only Israel and the Jews that disturb the sensitive Muslim mind. It is the sensitive Muslim mind that is disturbed to begin with. It is a mind that cannot and will not allow for others to exist peacefully.

To those who say that it is a small “radical” group of Muslims who are intolerance and violent, it is time to become realists. Where are the outcries of the “moderate” Muslim? Where are the marches for “justice”? Where are the calls for “peace”? There are none, and there are none to be expected.

What is most unfortunate is that we hear none from the American-Muslim population, the luckiest group of all Muslims. They have the freedom of religion – to pray and worship as they wish. They even have the right to walk through New York City with the blessings of the U.S. government yelling, “Allah Akbar”. We have yet to hear them call for tolerance and justice either, for others (not just Muslims, which we hear enough of) without the required “But Israel, But America… but, but, but”.

Enough excuses, it’s time for action.

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