27 January 2006


It seems to be that your ordinary person on the street is surprised that Hamas won. I'm not sure why. We know that Hamas is an honest group of people as compared to the PA. The PA is corrupt and everyone knows it. Hamas on the other hand has set up schools, hospitals and comes straight out when announcing that Israel will be destroyed. I would have been surprised if the PA had won. They have nothing to offer but more of the same. Obviously the "Palestinian" people want action and results and when given the chance they chose Hamas. We should not delude ourselves that these people want peace. They were supposedly given an opportunity between peace making and terror (although we shouldn't confuse ourselves that the PA/Fatah and Hamas are different groups) and they chose terror. At least the "Palestinians" are honest with themselves. The question is whether the world and world Jewry will believe them or decide to find some excuse for their voting results.

Nothing will change. Hamas and PA/Fatah worked together on the last bombing (Tel Aviv bus station). The fact is that now it is official that the "Palestinians" believe in terrorism. Rush Limbaugh made a good point. Previously when there were bombings and Hamas claimed them, the PA could distance themselves. But now that Hamas is the official "Palestinian" government - any attack can be seen as an act of war and Israel can/should conduct themselves accordingly. Will we see such positive action on the part of the Israeli government? I sincerely doubt it. As of this writing, Ehud Olmert, the acting Prime Minister says he will not deal with Hamas. Shall we take bets on how long it takes him to change his mind? If I were anyone out there, I wouldn't take that bet - you'd lose.

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