01 November 2004

I Should be Studying But...

Of course choosing my picks on which way the swing states will swing is WAY more important than studying to GRADUATE! I do not think that this election is going to be as close as people think. Popular vote will be 52% Bush, 48% Kerry.

As far as the individual swing states go, here they are:

Colorado - Bush

Florida - Bush

Iowa - Bush

Maine - Kerry

Michigan - Kerry (too bad)

Minnesota - Bush

Nevada - Bush

New Hampshire - Kerry

New Jersey - Bush (don't forget 9-11)

New Mexico - Bush

Ohio - Bush

Oregon - Kerry

Pennsylvania - Bush

West Virginia - Bush

Wisconsin - Bush

The Final Results of the Electoral College will be:

Bush 346 - Kerry 192

I believe that Bush could even afford to lose Ohio and Florida and still win the election. Those Democratic lawyers sitting around waiting to challenge the results are going to look pretty darn stupid. It's going to be a blow out. I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I'll stand by this and tomorrow night (or sometime after that) I'll either be writing a retraction or saying "I told you so!"

Happy Election Day!

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