05 July 2004

The Insanity of Michael Moore

The amazing thing about Moore's 9/11 film is that people are going to the theatres to actually spend money to see what they think is a documentary.

Which is funny in a sad sort of way. I always thought that documentary films were based in truth and fact. Moore's film is based in neither of those concepts. I'm not sure Moore would recognize those ideas if they bit him in the ankle.

In actuality, the fact that he won a film award in France, and the known terrorist group Hizbollah has given him money to support the distribution of the film should make everyone's eyebrows lift and wonder why Moore hasn't been arrested for being involved in a terrorist organization.

I suppose that Moore would say that he has freedom of speech. On this point he would be correct. Of my many objections to this film is that it is called a "documentary". I should think that there is a specific definition to this word, but I suppose that would be nit picking of me.

I suppose that I am not tolerant of people who make conscious efforts to destroy truth. I am certainly not tolerant of those who not only destroy truth, but make up lies and portray those lies and distortions as truth and reality.

Michael Moore is a disgrace as a person, as an American, as a film maker, and certainly as someone who proports to document reality.

I sincerely hope that people do not go see his movie and keep their hard earned money from filling an undeserving bank account.

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