05 February 2003

The First Jewish KKK Member?

Last week was incredibly insane. I was called a KKK member.

I was called a KKK member during an Arab divestment meeting. I guess that I'm now officially the first Jewish KKK member. He made the generalization that Jews think they're better than everyone else so therefore we're no better than the KKK. So I yelled at him that he wrong about the generalization and that I'd add the KKK idea to my resume.

How stupid. A friend of mine said that the whole concept was dumb. Since I'm Jewish, the whole burning cross thing wouldn't work, in addition if I wanted to burn a Jewish star that would be a problem. To begin with, Jewish stars are hard to bang into the ground, and they don't balance well anyway. The whole sheet over the head thing wouldn't work anyway - it would mess up my hair.

What can I say? How dumb. Divesting from Israel is a bad idea. It would hurt the United States just as much Israel. All the major American companies invest in Israel.

Obviously, we are not dealing with a thinking crowd. It's just another tactic to attack Israel disguised as a "peaceful" method to end the "occupation".

And I, of course, am the first Jewish KKK member.

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